Mohammadali, Z. M., Abdulkhaliq S. S. (2019). Prospects and Challenges of Entrepreneurship Development in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: An Overview. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Knowledge, 7(2), 4-16. doi:10.12345-0006

  • Zrar Mohsin Mohammadali Department of Business Administration, Soran Technical Institute, Erbil Polytechnique University, Soran, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Sabir Sadiq Abdulkhaliq Department of Business Management, Faulty of Law, Political Science and Management, Soran University, Soran, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Development, Prospects, Challenges.


Entrepreneurship as a driver of innovation and economic growth plays a key role in economic development and the appearance of knowledge and innovation-based economies. The most important effects of entrepreneurship development are increasing innovation, upgrading technology, increasing employment, producing technical knowledge, and generating income distribution at the community level, which can lead to increased national wealth and economic growth. At the moment, global developments are made entrepreneurship so important, and organizations need more innovation and entrepreneurship than ever before to adapt to new circumstances. In fact, in relation to entrepreneurship as the most important factor in economic development, organizations can gain more market share. The objectives of this study are to examine and overview the prospects and challenges of entrepreneurship in Iraq's Kurdistan region. In this regard, it can be said that with the human resources available and the valuable experiences available in the field of entrepreneurship around the world, it is necessary to plan for entrepreneurship development in the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI). It is revealed in this study Iraqi Kurdistan is determined can be one of the top entrepreneurial centers in the region with the scientific ability of specialists, and the potential of human resources, flexible structure and efficient technology. This paper recommended some strategies to reform and removing barriers to entrepreneurship development in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq by using factors such as entrepreneurship development and appropriate culture building, job training, setting up small business development centers, sponsoring entrepreneurs, establishing the legal framework for entrepreneurial activities, and providing spiritual support to entrepreneurs can lead to social, economic and industrial development and the declines of unemployment.