Corporate social responsibility: opportunities, drivers and barries.


  • Sasan Ghasemi ALA Excellence Consulting Group, Isfahan, Iran
  • Mehran Nejati Graduate School of Business, University of Science Malaysia



Corporate social responsibility, CSR drivers, CSR barriers, Developing countries, Iran


The following study employed a qualitative research methodology in order to explore the views of Iranian business professionals about the opportunities, drivers and barriers of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Thirteen Iranian business professionals with 9.2 years of overall working experience participated in in-depth interviews. The study revealed that majority of interviewees consider CSR as a threat for Iranian businesses in the short-term, yet as an opportunity in long-run in case businesses are ready to transform and commit to their responsibilities. The findings also included the emerging themes for the key drivers and barriers of CSR from the interviewees’ perspectives.


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Ghasemi, S., & Nejati, M. (2013). Corporate social responsibility: opportunities, drivers and barries. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Knowledge, 1(1).