Measuring website quality of the Indian railways


  • Rajesh Kumar Jain Institute of Management, Nirma University
  • Santosh Rangnekar IIT Roorkee



Website Quality, Indian Railways, Users Perception, Evaluation.


Websites are being widely used for commercial purpose in both private and public sectors. Whether such widespread use and dependency on web enhances the satisfaction among its users or not is to be understood. The objective of the present study is to examine and analyze the quality of the website of the Indian Railways. The Indian Railways website quality was compared with a perceived ideal website. The attributes for assessing the website quality of a railways were developed on the basis of pertaining literature review, interview with some of the web site users and with personal observations. In the present study the mean value in case of the Indian Railways is 36.28 and in case of perceived ideal website the mean value is 45.06. The F-statistic value is 52.75. The result allows us to infer that the Indian Railways website quality is not on the mark compared to what the users expect in a perceived ideal website. The implication of the present study is that the Indian Railways should focus on the quality of its website for increased user satisfaction and for enhancing its image.


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Jain, R. K., & Rangnekar, S. . (2015). Measuring website quality of the Indian railways. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Knowledge, 3(1).