Organization-economic mechanism for financial ensuring of marketing activities of small engineering enterprises


  • Nestor Shpak National University "Lviv Polytechnic"
  • Tamara Kyrylych National University "Lviv Polytechnic"



small engineering enterprise, marketing efforts consolidation, marketing benefits, business association, marketing association, organization-economic mechanism.


The article outlines the features of marketing activity of small engineering enterprises (SEE), the usefulness of their union for joint financing their marketing activity is substantiated. It is argued that the best form of marketing efforts integration and cooperation is an association as a contractual organization that does not interfere in the function of its members but only consolidates marketing activity. Based on this study, the organization and economical mechanism of creation and functioning of SEE Marketing Association is proposed and the financial terms of cooperation between SEE and consulting firms are investigated to ensure fair and favorable agreements on the ammount of membership fees for enterprises – the members of SEE Marketing Association.  The features and directions of the use of membership fees are studies and the benefits of the creation of such associations are shown. It was established that the activity of the SSE Marketing Association will focus on consolidating marketing efforts and professional mutual assistance of its members to meet the marketing interests, improving marketing activities, market research, protection of marketing interests of association members, forecasting market situations, finding new sales channels and organizing activities in them, selecting the most appropriate sales channels, effective solutions to the problem of planning the distribution of products between sales channels of members of the Association, development of proposals concerning elimination of undisciplined intermediaries.


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Shpak, N. ., & Kyrylych, T. . (2015). Organization-economic mechanism for financial ensuring of marketing activities of small engineering enterprises. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Knowledge, 3(1).