Reference: Mura, L., (2021). Internationalization of Slovak family enterprises - territorial approach. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Knowledge, 9(2), 109-118. doi: 10.37335/ijek.v9i2.147




international entrepreneurship, international business environment, internationalisation, Slovak family enterprises


Entrepreneurial activity is currently confronted with a large number of different influences, which affect the performance of business units. Businesses face new situations due to the changing market conditions they have to respond to. The small and medium-sized business sector responds dynamically as well as very sensitively to market changes, where many family businesses are also established. Competition between market players forces both the management and the family businesses to think about new opportunities in order to ensure their growth. As a result, small and medium-sized businesses gain increased importance in international markets.  This study aims to identify the current trend in the international activity of family businesses in terms of their territorial activity. In addition to the theoretical background, the submitted study also introduces the results of our empirical survey. The questionnaire survey was applied as an appropriate research method.  We decided to apply a dual approach: qualitative (mainly for the theoretical part) and quantitative for the empirical part of the study. The obtained results show family businesses' interest in operating in the international business environment.

Author Biography

Ladislav Mura, Pan-European University in Bratislava

Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Ing. Ladislav Mura, PhD., MSc.

Department of International Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Economics and Business, Pan-European University in Bratislava, Tematínska 10, 851 05 Bratislava, Slovakia, Affiliation web page:, email: He is head of the Department of International Entrepreneurship. His research is focused on Small and Medium Enterprises, Family Business, International Entrepreneurship, Business Environment, and Human Resource Management. In addition, he is a supervisor for master and doctoral students as well as an author of a number of national and international journal articles.