Aleksandr Yakovlevich Rubinstein
Theory Of Patronized Goods. Liberal Evolution Of Paternalism.

Vendula Fialová, Pavlina Hronová
Innovation Within The Moravskoslezský Region – Small And Medium Sized Enterprises
Josef Novotný, Jiří Polách
Real Silver And Its Investment And Business Options
Andrea Kolková, Lucie Lenertová
Binary Options As A Modern Fenomenon Of Financial Business

Cathy-Austin Otekhile, Milan Zelený
Self Service Technologies: A Cause Of Unemployment
Mehmed Civelek, Ashiqur Rahman, Ludmila Kozubíková
Entrepreneurial Orientation In The Segment Of Micro-Enterprises: Evidence From Czech Republic
Michael Adu Kwarteng, Michal Pilik
Exploring Consumers’ Propensity For Online Shopping In A Developing Country: A Demographic Perspective
Jaroslav Belás, Aleksandr Ključnikov
The Most Important Attributes Of Entrepreneurs. Case Study Of The Environment Of Czech SMEs
Robert Kuchar, Martin Andy
The Comparison Of Competitive Balance Between Super Rugby (Sanzar) And English Premiership Rugby: A Case Study From 1996-2014 Season Or Not Attractive – No People – No Money
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